MS1 RFID Blocking Minimalist Black Aluminum Metal Wallet, Card Holder & Money Clip


MS1 RFID Blocking Minimalist Black Aluminum Metal Wallet, Card Holder & Money Clip



  • RFID Blocking – Keep your finances and identity safe from nasty thieves trying to steal what’s yours.
  • Minimalist – Slim with a low profile the MS1 wallet fits nicely into the front pocket of your pants and keeps your credit, debit and ID’s nice and organized.
  • Multiple Styles – With wood, Carbon fiber black, Carbon Fiber Pink and Black Metal to choose from.
  • Money Clip – The MS1 wallet money clip holds over 10 bills so you can keep your cash organized as well.
  • Buying for a gift? – We’ve got you, we might not charge an arm and a leg for our product but it still comes in a nice gift box ready to be wrapped, opened and put a smile on someone’s face!
  • Built Tough – Military grade components are used to manufacture our MS1 wallets and that’s backed up not only with Amazon’s return policy but our manufacturer warranty as well.


MS1 minamalist slim low profile mens wallet designed to be small and compact enough to comfortably fit into the front pocket of your pants but robust enough to carry what you need on you. The inner compartment is RFID protected to keep your credit and debit cards hidden away securely from thieves. With plenty of room for over 10 cards. The attached money clip will also hold plenty of cash for those of us that still like to carry our bills with us as well. There are multiple styles of this MS1 wallet available. There is our flagship wood which is finely finished walnut grain on the outside of the wallet to look nice and classy. Also very popular is the black carbon fiber wallet, virtually indestructible. Great for those who are tough on everything. There’s also Pink version of our carbon fiber card holder wallet. Perfect for the ladies looking for something to carry their financial necessities or that fellow that likes pink, we don’t judge. For those that just like the feel of something metal in their hands we have our black metal wallet. All of our wallets are RFID blocking and built with military grade materials, to back this up MS1 wallets have a 1 year manufacturer warranty. If you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us through our Amazon page and we will be more than happy to assist you!


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